About Kensington flora hotel

Kensington Flora Hotel is the first hotel to have the concept of herb, flower, and France.

Kensington Flora Hotel, as a hotel in Odaesan, has been reborn with the herbal, floral,
and an ancient French theme in the pure nature of Odaesan.
It is a unique hotel with the themes of French garden, herbs and flowers which have conceptualized women’s secret through H.E.R.B (Health, Entertainment, Relaxation, Beauty), which allows them to enjoy healthily, relax and become beautiful.
Kensington Floral Garden, built in 2013, is famous for having the same exact look as the “Garden of Villandry” which is located at Indre-et-Loire, Centre of France.
Its area is approximately 67,000 ㎡ (20,000 pyeongs) and is the biggest France-themed garden in Korea.
With the background of Odaesan which is 700m above the sea, there are variety of plants widely spread.
It is divided into 12 theme gardens such as oriental garden, vegetable garden, chef’s garden, and so on.

OPEN Jan 15th 1997 Room 306ea
Restaurant Sogeumgang, Café Fleuri, Glamping Village, French Garden BBQ Additional Facilities Natural Carbonate Sauna, Indoor/Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center, Outdoor Lukken Shop